Testing tips for parents:

  1. Make sure your child gets a good night's rest the night before the tests and eats a good breakfast on test days.
  2. Encourage your child to do his or her best.
  3. Set high expectations.
  4. Remind your child of the importance of reading directions carefully and not rushing through the test.
  5. Know when tests are scheduled.
  6. Don't schedule appointments, trips or interruptions during testing.
  7. Remind your child about the importance of test scores and how they can affect the future. It is not only a reflection of the school, it is also a reflection of each individual's performance.
  8. Praise your child for his/her efforts.
  9. Send your child to school with a smile!
  10. A Parent's Guide to Testing in Kentucky from KDE.

Link to Kentucky's Academic Standards  

Important Testing Dates for 2016/2017

  • Fall Testing - The date for ITBS is to be determined.
  • Winter Testing - ACCESS for ELLS window is January 3, 2017 - February 10, 2017.
  • Winter Testing - ACT for Grade 11 is March 21, 2017 with make-up testing date of April 19, 2017.
  • Spring Testing - EOC (End of Course Assessment for Algebra II, English II, Biology, and US History) dates will be determined by EHS, VVEC, and GDC.  2017 Adminstration dates are:  Algebra II will be May 1.  Biology will be May 3. English II will be MAy 9.  US History will be May 11.
  • Spring Testing - K-PREP for Grades 3 -8 and Grades 10 - 11 testing window is the last 14 instructional days of the district calendar.  For 2017, the testing window is May 1 - 19.  Dates of administration:  EHS will be May 4 and 5. TKS will be May 8 - 12.  MES and HHES will be May 9 - 15.  GDC and VVEC will follow the testing schedules for EHS, TKS, MES, and HHES.
  • Spring Testing - AP Testing and Finals at EHS will be in May 2017 with specific dates and times to be determined by EHS.  Plans are to administer AP Testing May 2 - 12.  Finals will be May 15 and 17.


What is the K-PREP (Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress) Test?

A component of the Kentucky Testing System, the K-PREP uses a blended model of norm-referenced test items and criterion-referenced test items and contains multiple-choice,  extended-response, and short answer items for students in grades 3 - 8.  Students in grades 10 and 11 participate in Writing on Demand.

District and Schools' School Report Card

The District and School Report Cards provide information on many areas regarding our schools and district. Data is displayed regarding test performance, teacher qualifications, parent involvement, etc.

To view the District and Schools School Report Card, please click this link.  Select Learn More located below School Report Card.  For the District Report Card, select Elizabethtown Independent from the District drop-down.  To view an individual School Report Card, select Elizabethtown Independent from the District drop-down and then select the school you wish to view from the School drop-down. 

Kentucky Department of Education's Open House

Click this link to access the Kentucky Department of Education's Open House, a resource of data on the schools and districts in KY, School Report CArd, KY Education Facts, and more.

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